ID Entity (2017)

Since I was very young, existence and a sense of self have been puzzles to me. One way ID Entity invited this conundrum was by encompassing both the sense of nearness of oneself and the afar, through the word ‘entity,’ as in other, into the word ‘identity,’ ones own.

The work was to be thought of as a juxtaposition of the overall total composition consisting of 24 works, and the individual compositions with images on each side of each canvas, making it a total of 48 work. The work was hung diligently in a three dimensional grid, in the gallery space, so as to allow for a musical meandering of the visitor while looking nd listening to the hushed sound work. I really wanted that the viewer sensed the work with all their bodies, not just their eyes.

The soundcape was co-produced under my direction with audio designer Gry Bagøien..