Pi an O (2018)

Pi AN o is an installation exploring to understand Tinnitus or inner sound as symbols of something else bodies try to communicate. The title can be translated into the following: Pi = π • AN = Particular form • o = The circle pi makes when it rolls off forever • Piano = music.

In most of my titles I encorporate layers of meaning, like one would in codes or puzzles. In Pi ANo, many different sub words appear, of which the most important is ‘pi’ and ‘piano.’ But ‘ano’ and ‘no’ also have some importance.

Pi is the one number that never can be determined by one set of numbers, and hence incorporates the concepts of both infinity and (possibly) chaos.

Ano refers to time, and the length if it.

No refers in this case to the opposite of yes, a sort of negative capability when facing an insurmountable task, or of holding space foething unknown, in this case the practical task of knotting and the theoretical task of translating the inner images to outer symbols.

Pi AN o is both a musical instrument and a musical direction, which means that a piece of music is played at a soft volume : softly.

The soundcape was co-produced under my direction with audio designer Majbritt von Løfgreen.